Pierre Rehov's first novel
is about terrorism and a frightening but original method to fight this threat. It has been published in France by Albin Michel. Translations are available in three languages.
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"If you're tired of the New York Times-NPR Slant on Israel and the Palestinians, here's good news: documentary filmmaker Pierre Rehov has been challenging prevailing myths since 2001. With seven films already to his credit and another on the way, this serious, never boring, and above all else courageous documentarian is starting to make some serious waves"
(Michael Margolies - New York Press)

"Everyone is asking the same questions: How should we respond to terrorism ? Should we be afraid of it? What does it mean for our future? Pierre Rehov, a French filmmaker, by no means purports to answer all of these questions. He’s headed in the right direction, though – Suicide Killers, his latest documentary, approaches the problem of Islamic extremism in a way that is very different from the typical Western approach."
(Amanda Schuster -
European Weekly)

"I am so used to seeing lame and superficial propaganda that blames Americans and Israelis for the acts of terrorists, that this totally caught me off guard. It is very refreshing to see someone who actually takes terrorists at their own words and who examines the pathologies within a culture that spawn the thirst for mass death and suicide."
(Jamie Glazov -
FrontPage Magazine

"Rehov continues to make documentaries about the shocking reality he uncovers in the Middle East because no one else does"
(Joseph Farah -
World Net Daily)

"Provocative films about the combat between Palestinian militants and Israeli army" 
(Greg Myre - The New York Times)

"The most shocking moments of Rehov's films involve blatant Palestinian efforts to manipulate the media"
(Hanna Brown - Jerusalem Post)

"The information that Rehov does provide is based on interviewees who use bona fide images and documents to substantiate their claim"
(Tamar Stenhal - Camera)

"There is only one filmaker who has presented the truth in the matter of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and his nom de guerre is Pierre Rehov"
(Phyllis Chesler -
Author of "
The new antisemitism")

"In his documentaries, Pierre Rehov demonstrates how our version of the middle east conflict has been corrupted by the Arab use of reporters as propagandists"
(Jack Engelheard -
Author of "
Indecent Proposal")

"Seeing Pierre Rehov's documentary film 'The Silent Exodus' about the expulsion and flight of a million Sephardi Jews helped me gain a better understanding of the tragedy of a community that was integral and fundamental to Arab society."
(Magdi Allam - Il Corriere Della Serra)


Images From "Suicide Killers", Rehov's latest film.


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"The Path to Darkness"
is now in Post Production.
Billions have been invested by Saoudi Arabia in US universities in the last years. At the same time, our western values have been erroded by moral relativism. This leads an entire generation to believe in new mythologies such as: a genocide is perpetrated against Palestinians, Suicide Killers are kamikazes, or freedom fighters, Cho, Eric and Dylan, the murderers of Virginia Tech and Columbine are a typical product of our repressive society, the US army is an occupation force in Iraq, and many other relativist revisions of history, leading to the path to darkness.

Pierre Rehov’s latest film “The Path To Darkness” is currently in post-production. This endeavor has led him to investigate those mythologies, and takes us to Japan, to meet with WW2 former kamikazes, to Iraq, where he was embedded in the US Army’s 4th Cavalry, into Gaza and the West Bank. And for the first time, he documents the step by step religious brain washing of a candidate to suicide-terrorism, including the rituals preceding his criminal act, and much more. Pierre also has a close encounters with families of suicide killers, and local Imams.

Following the acclaimed "Suicide Killers", “The Path to Darkness” will take us for a journey deeper into the mind of terrorists, while debuquing the dangerous mythologies propaged among our new generations.

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Pierre Rehov's last shooting took him to Japan, Israel, West Bank, Gaza, the USA and Iraq. Click here to see the exclusive photos of the shooting in Iraq. Wait to hear more about "Suicide Killing: Proliferation."

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"Palestinian mythology is based on an absurd "martyrdom
that every reporter working in the "territories" is forced to buy, in order to work safely.

There is no freedom of press under the Palestinian Authority, and no journalist can report honestly without risking is life.

Palestinians deserve a country and self determination, but that will not happen as long as Israelis are described the way they are by most TV networks.

That leads to a situation where Palestinians are not considered grown-ups, while Jews are demonized in the same way they have been during the worst periods of their tragic history.

If a Palestinian child is found in the streets, throwing stones at a soldier, you have to ask yourself: "Who sent him there? Where are the parents ? Who is hiding with a gun behind him?"

I saw that happen many times, and I am asking you: 

If you want to protect Palestinian children, don't let them be used as human shields by Muslim extremists! Don't keep silent! Do something, now!"

(Pierre Rehov, on French television, 5th channel - March 2004)


Since the uprising of the second intifada
Pierre Rehov directed nine major documentaries:

Palestinian television and media - A new programmed holocaust?

The Trojan Horse
Arafat's real project - A Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean sea

Holy Land
Why is Bethlehem no longer a Christian town? How Christians survive under Muslim laws

The Road to Jenin
52 Palestinians dead versus 23 Israelis dead... is that a massacre? Even the Palestinian Authority says no. How does propaganda create myths?

Silent Exodus
The exodus of a million Jews expelled from Arab countries after 1948. Who knows about them? Why didn't they ever receive the status of refugees that they deserved?

Hostages of Hatred
Why are most Palestinians still considered as refugees after 55 years? Why are they still living in camps? Who is responsible for this humanitarian disaster?

Best (short) film, LIBERTY FILM FESTIVAL
According to most Palestinians, "Israeli Occupation" means Tel Aviv, Ber Sheva and Haifa, and for their leaders, Palestine should be built " From the river to the sea ". Meaning, should replace Israel, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

First Comes Saturday Then Comes Sunday
Why has there been a great-and little reported-Christian exodus from the Middle East, with some two million fleeing in the past 20 years alone?

This feature documentary takes the audience on a disturbing journey deep into a culture that few can comprehend -- that of suicide bombers. Filmmaker Pierre Rehov examines the phenomenon of suicide bombers through rare and never-before-seen interviews with actual family members of terrorists the prisoners whose bombing attempts have been thwarted and exclusive footage of a terror bomber as he prepares for mission!



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